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Avram in MD

Guess what? That happened to us as well. We both knew within a *very* short period of time that it was not a matter of “if” we would marry, but “when.”

The Wolf


It was the same with my wife and me. Wouldn’t you say, however, that your love has grown with time, or has it stayed the same?

I think a lot of people here are using the word love to describe both infatuation and connection. Neither are “wrong” in their proper context. I feel that both are important.

I used to live in a townhome that had a fireplace. To start a fire, I would place some large logs into the fireplace, along with a bunch of smaller, dry twigs and newspaper for kindling. The kindling would catch first, very quickly, and burn brightly, consuming all attention, but it wasn’t very hot and could extinguish very quickly if not nurtured and the logs didn’t catch. After a while, the logs would catch, and once they did, the fire produced a large amount of warmth, and would not extinguish easily. I think infatuation is kind of like the kindling, with the goal being a robust fire that warms your home.