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I was under the impression that you yourself are a female. If that is true, then I really am having a hard time understanding why you would ask this question.

I don’t know about you, but I am not perfect and I do not know any perfect people. I do know people who appear to be perfect, and may have perfect exteriors, but no one is a perfect person.

So when boys look for perfection, they are basically looking for all the externals to be perfect- perfect figure, hair, teeth skin, bank account.

Again, I can’t talk for you, but personally this makes me sick. Boys need to get realistic and realize that just because someone looks perfect, it does not mean that she will be a good wife or mother.

Why should someone who is a little larger than average not have a date for years? Why should someone who does not have a loaded father be turned down time after time? These girls deserve to get married also!