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whats one of the most imp things stressed in a Frum girls school? TZNIUS! so we learn tznius,tznius,tznius our whole education.. so inspirational! and yet, as challenging as it is for every girl growing up in so many ways, the CLOTHES part of it almost isnt hands on-aside from sunday and shabbos.. and makeup! hair! in school?? gasp!! do the teachers really think girls today r going to stay in ponies and oxford shirts for the rest of ther lives? when should girls start getting a feel for how a jewish girl shld look every day? in REALITY? so we graduate, get out of the uniforms and start really shopping for our everyday wardrobes, how we would really dress if we didnt hav to conform to uniforms, and then it hits: the very constant pressure to look good.. put together..attractive…drop dead gorgeous..for shidduchim…dating… husband.. (and the lines start getting blurry)..scary!- this happens after we graduate and when theres no more constant inspiration and guidance and peer pressure to keep u in check..