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dating etiquette isnt all about opening a car door. its knowing how to behave during the dating process.last week my daughter went out with a boy,she was his first girl.she didnt think it was for her and we told the shadchan that right away. the shadchan called us about 10 minutes after my daughter walked into the house after her date.the boy had called him immediately and was interested in going out again.we told the shadchan it wasnt for her. a day later one of my daughters close friends and a neighbor, tells her she heard my daughter was “DUMPED” by this boy.apparently he went over to his next door neighbors and regaled them with his date experience.he must have forgotten their son in law was our neighbor and his sister my daughters close friend.for heavens sake-pretend you are really 23 years old and have a tiny bit of class and some maturity.