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MLK Jr. hugely pro-Semitic.

He worked with many Jews combating social injustices that are all-but-unimaginable today.

He repeatedly put himself in harm’s way while defending the oppressed, all the while adhering to Ghandi’s principle of refusing to consider any type of violence to achieve his ends.

He was unfairly arrested and beaten numerous times, but bravely continued his struggle against legal and institutional racism.

His life was ended by a racist murderer who gunned him down in 1968.

I would suggest that if you’re interested in teaching a class about him, at a minimum you read his Wikipedia article.

You may also want to:

-See the famous Norman Rockwell painting “The Problem We All Live With”.

-Read about the Little Rock integration. Look at some of the photos taken that day.

-Read about what happened to Schwerner Goodman and Chaney.

-Read about Medgar Evers.

-Read about Emmet Till.

MLK’s personal life wasn’t exemplary, but that isn’t unusual in the secular world.

His bravery in the face of personal danger, true desire to obtain justice for others, and admiration of Jews is in marked contrast to the Anti-Semitism and self-aggrandizement of leaders such as Jackson, Sharpton, Farakhan and others.

You will probably have to sanitize any lesson for elementary school yeshiva students.