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A woman who gave birth to a baby with a problem told her doctor that it’s interesing that on her block several babies were recently born with problems. The doctor responded that what is interesting is how most babies are born healthy. A healthy baby is a miracle.

I think the same can be said about marriage. The fact that two people can be made to live together and most stay marriage forever, that is a miracle.

I would say that many marriages that end in divorced, even before the engagement, there wasn’t a big level of comfort in making the engagement to begin with.

Sure, there are divorces that happen because of interfences from the in-laws, however, just because people say that was the cause doesn’t mean that is the cause. Parents may encourage their child to leave a marriage simply because they see it’s bad for their child. Doesn’t mean the child isn’t thrilled to pieces to get divorced. All they need is that support from their parents.

We all make mistakes, and sometimes the marriage is a mistake because there is simply no compatibility.

Sometimes one partner is really an emotionally sick person, and no matter what the other partner does to make the marriage work, it won’t help.