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Everybody knows that if you take in less calories then you burn you WILL lose weight – everything else is hype – so you gotta find YOUR hype…..

Basic well known tips

‘Scribble when you Nibble’ ‘Write when you Bite’

Keep a record of everything you eat – knowing that you will have to write it down, din v’cheshbon at the end of the day – is a ‘hold off’

Find your best exercise time and keep it religiously – have the music, have the clothes readily available because everybody will find every excuse for not exercising – so make it as hard to get out of as possible – a buddy is the best if you are both equally committed.

Drink water – Prepare water bottles, and make sure you drink them – drink before a meal, drink when you feel like snacking….

Get rid of the NOSH – whatever your weak point is cake/potato chips-don’t let it into the house ASSUR-if it’s there you will eat it. if you have to have it-(for the kids, for the grandkids, for the geshikt criteria you torture yourself with) triple wrap, put it your furthest place in the freezer (preferably,in your neighbor’s freezer) pick a type you hate,(garlic,sour,mexican,u get the point)

Keep your metabolism going-if you have a 5 min break- run in place

walk while you’re schmoozing on the phone-kickbox while you’re waiting for the microwave- stretch while you clean……

Good Luck – You are SO NOT ALONE!