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I trusted my daughter at 15 but I would never have put the responsibility of “parenting” on her shoulders at that age. It would not have been fair to her. In case of an emergency, the mind of a 15 year old is just not mature enough to handle it. And furthermore it is not fair to lay the guilt of the outcome of an emergency on a 15 year old to live with for the rest of her life. Take that one step further if the 15 year old or 16 year old was the mother and did not have the know how or maturity to care for her own infants? Is it truly fair to do that to her? She is still a child, so can we please allow children at 15 the few more years they need to be children and grow up, mind, body and soul?

Lets be real here and not smart alecky ok? Yes you were all mature at 15 and at 16 FOR KIDS not for women. YOU were NOT WOMEN, you were kids and were trusted as KIDS not as WOMEN to handle the jobs of WOMEN! Tragedy can strike WOMEN at any time. Women miscarry all the time. Women give birth to stillborns all the time. Women give birth to chas v’sholom unhealthy and deformed babies r”l. Women have colicky babies, and babies who cry all the time. Are you honestly saying that a 15 or 16 year old child can handle that and a demanding 17 year old man/child husband as well? Maybe even interfering in-laws? And parnasah issues? And taking care of cleaning and cooking?

Come one now, lets be real here.