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and oomis, 34 years of marriage (BA”H) would put you at least in your 50s. I would like to point out that there are things which were done in the times you were dating that were considered the regular thing to do but today are not. For example (and one of my mother’s friends and a number of other people flipped out almost angrily when they heard this), it is not considered so common to call the girl before the first date today. I have asked many of the girls I dated if they prefer to get a call (just my own personal census taking) and almost all have said they would not. They say it’s uncomfortable and are perfectly happy to just go on the date. People from your generation are mortified by this sometimes. This could be a generational thing and perhaps you should ask (at least 30) girls you know (who aren’t in your immediate family) who are in the parsha to tell you what they prefer in terms of chivalry so you can get an idea of what is expected today.