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An hour?? I wish!!

First to address your points:

Cleaning my car: vaccuming, car wash, 45 minutes $20-30

You vacuum your car for every date? How messy do you keep it otherwise? 🙂

Shaving, showering, getting dressed: 30-45 minutes

We also shower and get dressed. And if you include the time we spend deciding what to wear we would beat you by a long shot. All you have to decide on is your tie.

making sure my suit and shirt are pressed: money for the cleaners and time to and from the cleaners

Same for our clothes.

Driving to and back from, her house: IF shes from lakewood, Monsey, Pasaic, Over an hour each way, plus gas and tolls

Ok, you got me on this one.

How long does it take for hair, makeup, getting dressed? an hour, tops?

I’m assuming you don’t have sisters or you wouldn’t be asking this question. Hair can take an hour alone. If I get it done it’s driving to and from the place plus spending an hour there. Makeup can take 45 minutes but it’s usually less for me. Getting dressed I discussed before.

To conclude:

So would you pay for MY water?

Once you beat me we’ll discuss the water. Although you are offered food and drinks in the house so technically that’s taken care of.