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Here we go again. Try to be dan l’kaf zchus. Hashem is in charge of who has what and why.

Many of the Pesach programs closed last year because of the economy. This is how these people make parnasah for the year. Those who need to go away for Pesach, those who can afford to go away for Pesach, those whose family count on the Pesach reunion each year, are way more than just grateful to the ehrlich groups that run these glatt kosher programs for both gebrochs and non-gebrochs families. Many Chashuv and popular Rabbonim count on these programs as well and actually attract many families who otherwise would stay home.

As far as advertising “king” size beds. There are many people who CAN use large beds and have the room for them and there is nothing wrong with it. Believe it or not, there are many people whose bedrooms are so large these days they can put two in, and in addition, some people put it in a kid’s bedroom or guest room. In a master bedroom, a King headboard can be furnished with two sets of twin mattresses so the beds are separate and can be separated. They don’t necessarily get attached to the headboard. This is a different option for couples who want the beds together and have two night tables but don’t have room for two 48″ beds, or don’t want to buy twin headboards. Furthermore, older couples might have no problem having a king size bed and it is no one’s business if they do. So why be “choshed” anyone and why take such offense to it? Why be so bothered by it? It means nothing and has nothing to do with tznius. A single person can have a King size bed as well as a widow, widower, divorcee. Why immediately do you have to think everything is wrong! Stop worrying about what is going on in someone else’s bedroom and behind someone else’s closed doors. Why do we have to make everything OUR business. It isn’t! So can we stop turning everything into a sour situation and just let everyone be?

I also do not understand why people need to go to far away European or exotic places for Pesach or other Yomim Tovim. It doesn’t seem balbatish or Heimish to me. But that’s me and it is not MY place to say what someone else should or shouldn’t do. In many cases this is the only vacation the family takes for the year or for many years. This is THE big vacation and if they choose to combine it with Pesach, how or why should I or anyone else not fargin the woman of the house to have a real vacation? It really is none of our business what others choose to do. If they get there and they realize it lacks the “tam” of the Yom Tov, they will learn for themselves not to do it again. If you or I tell them “you will miss the tam of Yom Tov” they will not hear you or believe you anyway.

I have been home for most Yomim Tovim and I have also had the pleasure of being in a Hotel for Pesach. Each choice has its own pros and cons, but I can’t say that we lacked the tam of Pesach by being in a Hotel, it just is not true. It certainly was different than being home. It sure was. I didn’t see a kitchen for 8 days! I didn’t wash a dish and I didn’t burn my hands or cut myself even once. I didn’t have to set, serve or clear off. I also didn’t have to shop or shlep the food, plan the menus, prepare of cook. Actually I felt like a slave that was freed from Mitzraim.