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Eclipse there is no comparison to what Bbubbee brought up, which has been raised many times before. Yeshivas close because they are mismanaged or because they no longer have the support they need to stay opened. Yeshivas who have the support always find the money. Someone just told me that his child’s yeshiva admitted to him that the actually tuition was only 3/4 of what he is paying and agreed to give him a donation receipt for the rest of it. They agreed that 1/4 of what he was being charged for tuition was for covering kids who did not pay or did not pay full tuition. Well that is smart accounting in my book because if you are honest with your parent body, they will be more supportive of you. Why call it tuition when it is not. If 1/4 of what you are charging for tuition is not meant for the tuition of that child but for another then you are in fact exacting a donation from each parent paying full scale. Those parents ARE then entitled to deduct that donation from their taxes. Fair is fair.

A yeshiva who is honest in that way, will get better support from their parent body and will not fold so quickly IMHO. As far as Tomchei Shabbos is concerned, there will always be a need, and as I said before Hashem is in charge of who has and who does not. So don’t be mekaneh those who have because they are the ones giving the big bucks to tzedaka as they are supposed to and many, many, many give much, much more than required so why keep harping on what they choose to do with the rest of their money?