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What a shame what i am reading about. Although we from the older generation would go straight to Bais Yakov, the younger ones made their own kehilla schools. Some of the new Bais Yakov type of schools, where Litvish havorah is used were started by teachers of Bais Yakov. Rabbi Ehrenreich gave them a Brocha and gave/gives them any guidance they need/want. Unfortunately, some of these schools present themselves as more Holy or kosher than B.Y. However, at the same time Bais Yakov sort of became a place where too many who may have special needs came to. Many students may have sibblings who fall into the norm who are sent to other schools because Bais Yakov is really not their speed but for the special needs child Bais Yakov is good. Perhaps we old timers can get together and try to work on getting Rabbi Shapiro back and working on reconstruction in Bais Yakov.

Rabbi Ehrenreich is a true Tzaddik and deserves only good!