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    I am seriously trying to think what might be the heter to continue a thread that has no other direction other than that of Lashon Harah and Rechilus. The best thing WE can do at this moment for the school, all those involved in this mess and Klal Yisroel is to say some Tehillim and CLOSE this thread. How about it? How about one for the Torah? Assur is Assur. Come on. Thanks.


    I’ve been involved in bais yakov as a financial supporter and close friend as well as kids in this school & Rabbi Ehrenreich & Rabbi Shapirob are very very close friends I’ll say one point and this is all and that is the whole school is what it is only because Rabbi Shapiro you take him out i’m convinced this school is done in max 2 years mark my words i know what they both do and bottom line is the school is something only because of rabbi Shapiro period and Rabbi Ehrenreich knows this as he even told me this numerous amounts of time this school is all stranding and keeps going due to Rabbi Shapiro Beis Yakov is nothing and will be nothing with out him whatever it is Beis Yakov should be ashamed of themselves and i hate to see beis Yakov go down the tubes its eating me up! Beis Yakov’s bored is a real big embarrassment the boards time will come and i will make SURE of this.



    You are making assumptions that have no basis. You have absolutely no idea whether these parents can pay more or not. You know the old saying about assuming. I will not participate in your assumption. I will stay with the facts. There are numerous cases for whom it is not possible to get more funding. And Rabbi Shapiro’s departure does not seem to lay primarily with his own compensation.


    Are you telling me that everyone has already gone to extremely frugal lifestyles to be able to pay for tuition? That has not been my experience in any of the schools. Nor on any of the frum internet forums I’ve discussed this on.

    IME, having cleaning help is the norm in frum society not the exception.


    This seems to be getting interesting…

    Sometimes a new board will come in with absolutely no idea as to what is involved in running a school. They think they will just throw everyone out and start over. Easier said than done.

    With regard to a particular person on the board, and the question of his integrity for this matter, I don’t know the people involved. Sometimes one person thinks they can save the world; and in reality they do the most damage.

    However, I do find in general, IMHO, a lot of the so called “Askanim”, that are involved in wonderful organizations are the same people who strong arm others when it comes to business or their personal lives. These people are generally shrewd business people, and that got them to where they are.

    If it is true that he was pushed out the door in middle of the school year, you would hope there was a good cheshbon behind the process. I have worked with schools and the transition is difficult under the best conditions. Now you have one of the largest schools around, in one of the most hostile school environments ( yes, our very own BP), in one of the most difficult financial environments in many years, looking to just move on without someone who knows the very details behind every contract, program, voucher etc…

    Good Luck!


    Firstly, everything is up to the RBSO.

    After that, Hishtadluswise, I wonder if there’s any way out of this other than turning back the clock and encouraging secular education. As bad as the economy is, and despite many being unemployed even with education, those who have an education, by and large have a better chance of getting back on their feet (outside of those who were either born to very wealthy families and those very few who “made it” on their own with no education).

    How else can parents in the 5 Towns etc support their schools with three times as costly tuitions? A community cant afford to support a school if most are in Kollel and those who arent, are undereducated and dont have access to good jobs and have to beg for huge tuition breaks. This was the case even before the economy took a nosedive.

    Why I Bother

    In response to mogold,

    I too up until recently thought the same myself. Recent events have proven otherwise, and true motives are realized. If he was such a Bal Chesed he would have definitely considered other opinions in the matter and leave the situation in more qualified hands. A few dollars does not justify in hurting individuals, lying and stealing. Yes you may be shocked upon reading this, but that is why you remain the uninformed one and oblivious to what really takes place.

    mom 88

    I cant believe this is happening to my Bais Yaakov!!!

    Cant we all join to rectify the wrong that has taken place.


    Dear worried parent –

    There is no need to “worry about what is happening to our school” as the new board will make a fresh start and turn things.

    Will there be painful fallout? Sure. Will EVERYONE need to leave? No. But if people insist on doing things “the way we used to” the place is doomed.

    Its just like a business; if you refuse to adapt to the new way of doing things, your competetion will eat you for lunch.

    That’s why Lakewood is the new Brooklyn and BPis the new Willamsberg.

    As far as “the names on the bldg” the $ they gave was to benefit “the klal” not just to service their own brand.

    In a much, much smaller scale I give $ support to the BP infrastucture, even though “its not my brand” I’m supporting. But I do live here, so I need to be a good neighbor. With time, I may need to adjust the direction of the $ flow, but for the moment, I’m here, I’ve benefited greatly from being here, so I’m carrying my share of the burden.

    The “names on the bldg” most likely feel the same way. At a point, BYOBP was dear to their hearts. Now things are different, and their involvement has changed as well.

    They’re not asking for a refund, and are most likley quite happy to see someone else (or several someones) step up to the front line.


    I am sure the Novominsker Rebbe is heavily involved here. Also, no one knows everything, but I trust R Ehrenreich will right all the wrongs. EVERYONE respects him and Im sure the Novominsker Rebbe will consult with him on major decisions regarding the school! (Although hopefully it wont be as hard to get into as to Novominsk, oy).


    while no personal connection, I know of a lot of wonderful families that owe their wholesomeness to BYOBP and Rabbi Shapiro. Some who had no chance elsewhere. BH.

    As Hakaras Hatov, I would suggest parents to come up with a committe of parents who can raise funds to bring things back and return Rabbi Shapiro. Raising funds takes a lot of work, but survival of teh school is important.

    We dont want to be forced out of Brooklyn to Lakewood, and still in our hands.

    And let me share the news, Lkwd schools are very choosy, and you wont have a welcoming committee awaiting you, for many ordinary families.

    Are Gedolim guiding the show here? probably not. Does Rabbi erenreich have a saying? same answer.

    Sad. Something can be done, and should be done.

    Why should litvish be forced out of Brooklyn?


    What a shame what i am reading about. Although we from the older generation would go straight to Bais Yakov, the younger ones made their own kehilla schools. Some of the new Bais Yakov type of schools, where Litvish havorah is used were started by teachers of Bais Yakov. Rabbi Ehrenreich gave them a Brocha and gave/gives them any guidance they need/want. Unfortunately, some of these schools present themselves as more Holy or kosher than B.Y. However, at the same time Bais Yakov sort of became a place where too many who may have special needs came to. Many students may have sibblings who fall into the norm who are sent to other schools because Bais Yakov is really not their speed but for the special needs child Bais Yakov is good. Perhaps we old timers can get together and try to work on getting Rabbi Shapiro back and working on reconstruction in Bais Yakov.

    Rabbi Ehrenreich is a true Tzaddik and deserves only good!

    Why I Bother

    In response to ofcourse,

    I hope your right, but I am afraid your wrong.

    mom 88

    can we join and change the situation?, or sit back and see injustice happen before our eyes?


    What goes around comes around…Injustice might really be justice.


    What we need is for the government to pay for yeshivos like tehy do for public skool. Once they do then things will be fair and well be able to afford to give oru kids a decent Torah education.


    Hellllllllo do you people realise whats going on over here since the chassidisha oylam is taking over bp these guys figured they would come “help” bybp by coming in as a run away board (whichby the way is illegal trust me on this i know)in the mean while in a few years they are going to claim they have no more money and are going to “sell the building to a moissid” all the while greasing there pockets mit our gelt and from the moissid. and them the moissid is going to honor them for all there efforts on behalf of the moissid. If R shapiro was around he would not let them do this because he is to straight for this game.

    jewish source

    We as parents should band together and rally to get Rabbi Shapiro back. Rabbi Shapiro was always fair about tuition and really tried to work out the best possible situation for each child. I will miss him very much.

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