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Getting this thread back on track, since we are talking about the Subway. Yummy and everyone else who questioned “why call it Subway”, that’s because when the owner decided to open this business, they bought into a franchise. Just like kosher Dunkin’ Donuts shops do, and briefly, Nathans tried to. When the first kosher pizza shop (I think it was in Canarsie) opened, had there been a CR back then, someone would have accused them of eating like the goyim. Ditto kosher Chinese, why do we have to substitute veal for pork and serve spare ribs. I’ll put my money on a bet that there is no one on this board who hasn’t eaten kosher chinese, sushi or pizza, just to name a few types of restaurants we “copy”. And Kosher Delight probably was inspired by McDonalds. I could go on and on, but I won’t, because I think you get the point. When you buy into a franchise, which costs less then starting totally from scratch and provides name recognition – an important aspect of marketing – then you must use the name. And if you’re not part of a franchise, then you can’t use the name “Subway” because it’s a registered trademark.