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I think I’ve missed the point here. Subway started a kosher franchising program to test out the size of the kosher market. Subway does charge high royalties off gross sales (the franchise fee is based off of sales without including any expenses) but the franchise provides bulk ordering and all the equipment and decorating (you pay for it, but you don’t have to worry about any design or advertising costs). People will try a Kosher Subway for the novelty, but the real purpose of the business is to be a profitable store long term. While the kosher franchises mostly flopped in NY (due to a variety of reasons, competition being a big one), I have eaten at the one in LA and loved it. They have a $8 foot long special (available all day) which is comparitively priced with most kosher fast food places.

Who cares if the franchise is a famous goyish franchise? If you have something against the concept then don’t patronize the store, but don’t try to talk bad about it to others.