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Avram in MD


A Woman outside bklyn…you’re making too much sense…stop it…we only accept illogical and foolish arguments here…

I happen to agree with the “pro-kosher-Subway” side of the argument, but I don’t think that statements putting down the entire Coffee Room (and by extension, a perceived community of Jews) are called for. Why are you here if you feel that everyone else who disagrees with you is inferior to your intellect?

FWIW – I think I understand the “anti-kosher-Subway” argument, but it is not being well articulated in this thread. The opposition comes from a conception that places like Kosher Subway open to provide Jews something they are “missing” because they keep kosher… as if kashrus renders us lacking something, G-d forbid. In reality the idea came from Subway itself, because they want to get a piece of the kosher market and its loyal customer base. I think they have already been doing it with the Halal (Muslim dietary codes) market. I have not seen anything in their marketing such as “come and see what you’ve been missing!”

I think the Subways are equivalent to the fake seafood, etc. We can keep kosher and eat all sorts of foods, but we have the benefit of serving Hashem through our food.