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clearblue- I agree with you, that one has to do their home work about being informed and making intelligent decisions about healing themselves Holistically. I have a decent understanding (better then the average person) regarding the use of Plants for healing responsibly. About twenty five years ago I started reading books about Herbal Medicine, and started to develop an interest which I still have today. I have collected books about Herbs, and started to use Herbs to heal myself and stay healthy.

I have been treated by several Chiropractors within the last twenty five years for bad back problems. The last Chiropractor introduced me Aromatherapy by using Essential Oils to help adjust my Spine. Since I started I have bought and collected over one hundred Essential that I either diffuse in an Aroma Stone, or add to a Carrier Oil to apply topically.

Ctrl-I understand how you feel, but believe it or not there are genuine people who are Holistic Practioners who don’t deceive and are real healers. I saw a Homeopath over twenty years who introduced me to the Neti Pot. The Neti Pot, Homeopathy, Acupucture, and eating Macrobiotically all this, helped free me from my dependency to use Ventolin three times a day. I was suffering from severe Asthma, and seeing an Allergist at the time. The simple Neti Pot by irrigating the Nasal Passages with a saline solution of about an eighth of a teaspoon of pure Sea Salt in tepid water could imoho help someone with Sleep Apnea. The Rambam was a Real Healer who treated patients by gathering roots and herbs and made medicine to heal patients. Hashem is the real healer who gives Doctors the privilege and opportunity to heal the physically sick.