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    I am interested in starting a thread on Natural Healing. I would like to share ideas about what CR. Posters do to stay healthy. This could include choice of Herbal Teas, Supplements (Vitamin/Mineral, Herbal), Use of Essential Oils, Healthy Recipes… I will start I am taking a Complete Multi Vitamin, Vitamin D3, Calcium/Magnesium, Omega3 Fish Oils every morning except Shabbas,Chagim, and Fast Days. All these Supplements are certified Kosher.


    There is really no reason to take large doses of vitamins unless you are specifically deficient from diet or disease; most are metabolized by your system and excreted in your urine.


    Agree with Charlie.


    most are metabolized by your system and excreted in your urine.

    A, D, E, and K are fat-soluble and their levels in the body are strongly dose dependent. they are not primarily excreted in the urine.

    therefore there are chronic overdosage syndromes associated with high doses.

    most other vitamins are not stored in the body and the excess is excreted.



    Why wouldn’t you take these supplements on Shabbas?

    They are NOT medicine, they are FOOD supplements.

    (btw… MOST, if not ALL of us are, unfortunately, “deficient from diet” and intelligently taking supplements is very important.)



    the issue is not only refuah but tochain.

    as these supplements are not diminished in their effect by missing a few doses, many poskim are not mater their use on Shabbos.

    i dont know what “food supplement” means Halachically, but these items are not food. nor are they imbibed derech achilah.


    I think they should be ok on shabbos, since it is not refuah, it is just entertainment.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    I think they should be ok on shabbos, since it is not refuah, it is just entertainment.

    That’s a good shailoh. If a pill’s only real benefit is to the sellers’ bank accounts, but someone thinks it’s effective, may he take it on shabbos? It might be shavi anafshei chaticha d’issura.


    Charlie I am taking D3; Calcium/Magnesium; and Omega3 Fish Oils, because they are good for my back for starters. 5000 IUs of D3 is not an excessive amount of D3 form what I read. My OP never did I state the dosage I take, I think you assumed this, because of the other Supplement I listed. I am not taking a high dosage of D3 about 5000IU. This Vitamin/Hormone is great for the bones and maintining the immune system and more. Calcium/Magnesium important minerals- Calcium for the bones and Magnesium for pain. Omega 3 Oils are good for the brain, the bones and the heart. I am over 60 years old. My back is in bad shape. I have severe Scoliosis, Sciatica, and Spinal Arthritis. I am going to a Gym and doing exercises 2-3 times a week. I am walking about two miles a day. My diet is fairly decent. I do not generally get sick. Some of the reason is Genetics, and BH I have a fairly decent knowledge of the Botanical Kingdom so I know which herbs heal different Organs, and maladies. My mind is repository of Natural Remedies. Something I have studied extensively for about twenty five years.

    AOM-I had the understanding that I should not swallow Supplements on Shabbas and Chagim, so I try to be machmir.


    What do other people do to maintain a healthy Immune System?


    Preventive medicin is muter on shabbos.


    Eliminating UNNECESSARY stress


    We go to an Alternative M.D. once a year. He has many other degrees as well including Nutrition, Chiropratic, etc. One way to see what you’re deficient in is through bloodwork. And as far as what is “used” by the system, depends on the brand you are taking.

    Also, recently my chiropractor began with a line of supplements. I have found that it is good to have background knowledge on your own as well, and “partner” with your nutritional practitioner. I’ve been studying nutritional supplements for many years.

    Personally, currently taking, Multi Vit & Mineral, Omega’s, Cal/Mag, Folic, Vit D, CoQ10, Dig Enzymes, Green Stuff and Red Stuff (yummy), NAC, ProBiotics, and a new Immune boosting supplement that you can only get through a healthcare practioner which contains: Licorice, Ginseng, Skullcap, Ashgawhanda…


    I think the other problem of taking pills/vitamins on shabbos is that you might grind it.

    Ctrl Alt Del

    Oh boy, here we go again. Why is there such a propensity for frum jews to follow everything else but real medicine? First I saw the foot orthitic guy, He claimed he could treat diabetes with a foot orthitic!!! Then there is camaya man, I won’t even touch this one. Next we have the iridology idiot, Stare into my eyes and you will see…… MY EYE!! The best was a chiropractor (not knocking chiropractics, just some practitioners)who developed a machine (that’s only avail in HIS office) that (at least according to his full page ad in many very well known jewish circulars) can cure apnea. YES!!! the next time someone comes into the ED I am going to page for a stat chiropractor!! OK, I am being very silly, but doesn’t it seem that there are a lot of frum jews falling for this? Natureopathy, Chi healing, magnetic forces, phrenology, super water. Every other day I see some quack advertising some homeopathic (borders on avodah zarah) or natural medicine. Vitamins, minerals, and exercise are all wonderful, but people really… If something is wrong see a physician. Now, people always argue that “in ancient times they had remedies for some ailments”. Yes, they did. And they were based mostly on guessing. With the exception of Arabic learning that honed the scientific process, medicine was largely best guess. Even those herbs and mixtures that were helpful were only marginally so. Its a perpetuated fallacy that “ancient” medicine is better than modern medicine.


    clearblue- I agree with you, that one has to do their home work about being informed and making intelligent decisions about healing themselves Holistically. I have a decent understanding (better then the average person) regarding the use of Plants for healing responsibly. About twenty five years ago I started reading books about Herbal Medicine, and started to develop an interest which I still have today. I have collected books about Herbs, and started to use Herbs to heal myself and stay healthy.

    I have been treated by several Chiropractors within the last twenty five years for bad back problems. The last Chiropractor introduced me Aromatherapy by using Essential Oils to help adjust my Spine. Since I started I have bought and collected over one hundred Essential that I either diffuse in an Aroma Stone, or add to a Carrier Oil to apply topically.

    Ctrl-I understand how you feel, but believe it or not there are genuine people who are Holistic Practioners who don’t deceive and are real healers. I saw a Homeopath over twenty years who introduced me to the Neti Pot. The Neti Pot, Homeopathy, Acupucture, and eating Macrobiotically all this, helped free me from my dependency to use Ventolin three times a day. I was suffering from severe Asthma, and seeing an Allergist at the time. The simple Neti Pot by irrigating the Nasal Passages with a saline solution of about an eighth of a teaspoon of pure Sea Salt in tepid water could imoho help someone with Sleep Apnea. The Rambam was a Real Healer who treated patients by gathering roots and herbs and made medicine to heal patients. Hashem is the real healer who gives Doctors the privilege and opportunity to heal the physically sick.


    I know of many cases where people started taking natural supplementation and it was beneficial, unfortunately for a few it was actually detrimental as they did not consult enough with their MDS. Please make sure to be aware that natural medicines can have effects on prescribed medications and can even worsen conditions that they are made to help.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Eliminating UNNECESSARY stress

    It also helps to eliminate necessary stress.


    “therefore there are chronic overdosage syndromes associated with high doses.”

    I’ve often wondered how common it is to have an overdose of vitamins. I’m pregnant and I don’t take prenatals because I’m too lazy, but I use vitamin ovedosing as my rationalization. Is it really safe for pregnant women to take such high doses of vitamins?


    Many people are unaware but the implementation of certain drugs and vitamins such as Iron folic acid etc.. have been medically proven in countless clinical studies to prevent certain birth defects. (Of course Hashem has to help in all cases.) There are even vitamins that are made especially for pregant women available only through prescription please ask your doctor for guidance.And routine bloodwork throughout pregnancy will show deficiencies and possible over-dosage if that your concern. Hatzlacha and should be biShaa Tova


    Mother in Israel- Always follow directions on the label of the bottle, as far as the recommended daily dosage of the Vitamin you are currently using. You must read the label and follow directions as far as how much to take, and when to take your Vitamins. Never take more then that. Any questions need to be addressed by your Doctor. Good luck.

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