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a guy looking for a girl thats size 0-2 obviously is very immature and doesnt have his priorities straight!! you are allwed to say that you dont want to marry a really fat girl b/c you would feel uncomfortable with such a large person etc… but to say a specific size.. thats just not right! why do guys think they could be so picky!! ok.. so girls should say “we wont go out with a guy thats larger than a toothpick or older then 23”??.. i mean its all just rediculous! all i could say is DIFFERENT STROKES FOR DIFFERENT FOLKS! everyones basheret was made for them.. and you’ll find them.. but if your gonna be so picky.. you just may not! lesson in life maishe dovid: NO ONE IS PERFECT.. NOT EVEN YOU! no matter what your mother tells you! 🙂