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Why so glum? You’ll find your zivug soon enough. Try not to dwell on the fact that you’re single, rather on how you can improve things (not trying to criticize C”V, just thinkin’. I don’t even know you, so please don’t take it personal.) Maybe try doing some chessed, make new friends, broaden your horizons – don’t just sit there all by yourself. Try finding the good in the situation, make your life happy!! Listen to music, go out shopping etc. Enjoy your youth, as many of the posters recommended here;) Go have some fun!!! Life aint that bad. Challenging, yeah, but it’s worth living!!! Try finding some zechusim. Also, try getting your name out there- do something productive with your talents and try getting to know a lot of ppl.

May Hashem help you find your bashert REAL soon!!! I’ll have you in mind while I daven Bli Neder. Good Luck!!!