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1) Peter is not Shimon. Peter means a rock – cf petroleum – oil from a rock.

2) Satmar = Satu Mare = Big Village. Any word for saint in any Latin language, or even Hungarian, has an N in it. The Satmar = S Mary was an old error that even some Satmarer Chassidim perpetrated by mistake (probably because they spoke Yiddish and not Romanian).

3) Risha is very common. I know 2 Risha’s, each one from a very different geographic origin. One is named for her great-grandmother who was from Belarus or Ukraine; the other one is from a Hungarian family.

4) The one Rasha I know is also of former Soviet – Pale of Settlement origin. She was born in EY and I think she pronounces it in a way that would be very embarrassing if she were Sefardi.