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Feminine of dov as the animal is duba. No one is named that

I used to have a roommate named Dubba. And I have heard of others.

What about Chasya for a girl?

I know one of those, too.

Anyone heard of the name Aviva???

I know several, including a cousin of mine.

My cousin’s name is Peretz.

I’ve known at least two.

The oddest FFB Jewish fellow I know is named Elroy.

This summer I had an FFB student whose name was Elroee.

What about Rayla? My great-aunt (whom I never met) was Rayla. Every Rayla I’ve ever met, or heard of, was related to me. Until yesterday. I spoke to a Rayla on the phone. Her parents named her for a Rochel Leah but didn’t want to give her that name.