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Look, I don’t doubt there are people who are always there for every minyan.

Firstly, they obviously have access to a mincha at work or school.

Secondly, their day is probably not very long.

My day is 6:45 to usually 8:00. I daven shachris at shul, and there is sometimes a mincha in my building. I am not going back out for maariv at 10. I am going to sleep.

My situation is, I believe, more typical. Take a poll, ask guys who are working at real jobs (not 9-5). I just don’t buy it.

I have to agree with Popa here. Living and working OOT means that there is no minyan on every corner 24/7, and sometimes it is just not doable. As with everything else in life, there are halachos as per when and how far one must go to daven with a minyan.