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for some reason, whenever i run into the grocery for last minute items i never get a basket. i always end up remembering more things i need than those 2 items and have to make a whole scene trying to balance a bunch of things.. but anyways.. pressurizing friday afternoon.. store was closing.. tissue boxes were slipping out of my arms.. and i really needed a bag of peanut chews for a last second desert i promised to make someone for a simchah. i stood there for minutes and agonizing minutes searching the candy isle.. and there were no nuttychews. it was my last outing before shabbos- if not for those chews there would be no dessert. i turned around to leave and i said- just one more look- i asked hashm to pleeese find me some peanut chews, i looked at the shelf and my eyes went INSTANTLY to some other candy shelf and to a bag of nutty chews hiding in the back- My mouth dropped open- i knew i never would have been able to find it..and it didnt even take a second. it was incredible! hashm really..”physically” moved my eyes to see what He wanted me to see- and i felt it so obviously!!i felt so completely loved and taken care of! and flattered! lol. That is my favorite Hashgachah story:)