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“Again, Mw13, WE have discussed this inside and out.”

We have discussed many things before that we continue to discuss now – what number looks in shidduchim topic are we on? 4? 5? But each time there are different people with different views posting, and often a new thread will shed some new light on the subject.

“I am NOT interested in arguing the points with you, line by line or otherwise, all these points were dissecting before by many posters.”

Honestly, that sounds like a cop-out to me. I posted a whole long comment refuting many of your asseverations, and your answer is “I’m not interested in arguing about this because we’ve done so before”. (Despite the fact that repeat threads are a common occurrence here in the CR, not the rare thing you make it sound like.) C’mon, you can do better than that.


“A lot of people will jump on you for the littlest things… And when it comes to major things (which I won’t elaborate- do to the public nature in this forum) you don’t hear a peep from anyone?”

I think that’s because somebody who is only doing a little thing wrong will be much more likely to listen to tochacha then somebody doing a major wrongdoing.

“It actually is a 3 way Machlokes in the Gemorrah whether you can give Tochacha or not. “

Do you know where?

“But like I said there are three shittos and you don’t have to pick one over the other!”

Not necessarily… usually when there are different shitos in the Gmora the Rishoniim pasken which one we hold like.