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And there is nothing that will change my feelings about the fact that Rav Soloveichik ZTL and his version of MO belonged to an earlier time when you just could not observe on a level that we can today.

I experience this in very minor ways in Eastern Europe – for instance kosher certified mustard, chrein and canned vegetables don’t exist here and we have what to rely on to use what we use. But even in London and Paris where there are kosher lists that accept such things I would not use them, let alone in the US or E”Y.

So too, I listened to non-kosher muzika mizrahit 20 years ago when there was no kosher alternative. I had one mp3 of such stuff on an old computer that was stolen and I have no intention of replacing it because I don’t need it. I don’t even have the time or inclination to listen to anywhere near 50% of the kosher albums out there because I find that they are too good and therefore distract me when I am working.

Now, there is no excuse to listen to goyishe music. The words are prust and grub, and that includes classical music as well as pop. Mozart was on no higher a level than Michael Jackson was, and there are well known classical performers who are into M”Z and other severe violations of the 7 Mitzvos Bnei Noach. Besides, when I bought 2 Lipa albums this week, I am sure a few cents went to his shul and his other chessed work. You don’t want to know what the popular and classical music world supports.

You don’t have to listen only to niggunim and chazzanus – few people are on that level – but there is plenty out there for every taste including alternative.