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I think everyone knows the difference between Jewish music and nonJewish!!!

FIrst of all, you can definitely find an english song with kosher lyrics, like a song about graduation or something like that… but how many songs do you listen to before you find it??? Those that know the kosher songs also know the nonKosher songs…

And you can pull the arguement about how Jewish songs use the same tunes or have the same sounds as nonJewish ones… but then again, the Jewish ones have kosher words!!! If you’re listening to the equivalent tune in english music it will be trashy and no comparison to the jewish words!!!

As much as you can argue that Jewish tunes are just as bad, nonJewish music is a million times worse. You can tell a high school kid who listens to only Jewish from a kid who listens to english…

Anyway, the torah says “kedoshim tihyu” which obligates us to stay away from anything RELATED TO arayos. its obvious that secular music is RELATED TO arayos, even songs that are more kosher than most… and we are mechuyav to stay away from that!!!!