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Klach: It seems I am much more knowledgeable about them (Rabbi T and Rabbi SY and Rabbi G) than you are. I happen to be quite familiar with them (brother has been there for 13 years, best friend has been there for 11). They do indeed refer many talmidim to therapists, I even know which therapists they refer to.

I also know that CC has a full time psychologist on staff, who also happens to be a serious talmid chochom. Yes, he is on staff, they pay him to stay.

sheini: My point is that if they are referring people to therapists, it shows they recognize that they are not experts and cannot handle real situations.

Also, of course one must be careful to go to a frum therapist who will not cause harm to their frumkeit. And it is a very fine idea to ask your rav for a referral.