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We have all experienced this to some degree or another at one point in our lives. I took a scaled back day yesterday as well, considering the enormity of what happened.

But like all of life’s hurdles, we get pst them and move forward. I can’t speak of Lieby, but if it were me, here’s what I would hope to see happen:

For the first few days, mourn. After all, a life was lost.

Then, over the next few days take a good look inside you and see what areas in your personal life need some fine tuning.

And finally, take a really good look at how the accident or situation came to be, and take whatever steps you can to be sure it does not repeat itself. In my case, it was the death of a teen in a car accident. After we got ourselves back on our feet, we instituted rules in our house to make sure to the extent possible, we avoid getting in a situation like that ever again. And no, they were not popular rules, but I and Mrs stood firm. Why? So that the loss of life was not for nothing.

But to just move on like nothing happened? That would be an even bigger tragedy.