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Busy As A Bee

Well I’m apologizing to you Always Here.

On behalf of anyone who you think wronged you.

For whatever reasons they are not/ can not/ will not/ have not yet/ may not apologize so for you to keep your upsetness within is only harming yourself.

I posted my original post not just about this recent controversy but as a general situation I’ve seen on this coffee room. I have been an avid reader from the beginning days.. (Oh I remember the posts Dr. Pepper used to write :D) A member for a while back then, then when life got busier (as it tends to do) I faded out and recently I returned. But this problem has never been so prevalent until now..

Can I ask how are we planning on going into Yom Kippur? Are there going to be mechila threads?? Like that makes everything all better all of the sudden? WE have to work out the kinks now… and keep others from getting hurt…