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Busy As A Bee

I just want to add one thing.

Many times we dont think we are judging.

But we ARE having expectations from our personal experiances.

For example. As Bar Shatya said straight out he personally would not care if anyone called him a dolt (excluding his father :)) but we dont realize that we can’t make assumptions for the rest of the world based on our own feelings. There are way to many people who will be more sensitive to certain issues then others.

example: There was a young teenager I know who had two down syndrome brothers. She had a friend who would call everything “retarded” now push comes to shove I’m sure many people say retarded at times. I doubt we usually mean it in a negative way. However in front of this friend with the two brothers, every time the girl said oh you’re so retarded it was like an arrow straight to her heart. And that was between two good friends. So Kal Vchomer here where we do not know each others backgrounds and personal experiences, we do not know how people would react. And unlike the spoken word which hurts but can disappear and be forgotten, the written word has a Koach to stay forever (hence the writing down of Torah shel bal Peah). We need to be careful and think twice before we hit the “send post” button.

Bar Shatya (Sorry if i spelled that wrong) I did not start this post to attack you in any way. There seems to be alot of talk about what happened last night since that is fresh on everyone’s mind but this is a problem that has happened before and unless we do something will happen again. I hope you are mochel if I caused you any harm with this thread all I want is an awareness for all of us to be more careful in how we speak (post) .