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Toi -“thats not really a solution; more like an admitted defeat. this kid needs a shoulder to cry on and then to man up and take control.”

It depends on how you look at it. Granted the kid should have worked on himself, but isn’t now a little too late as far as yeshivos go? He has already been thrown out. Once you’re thrown out, it’s almost impossible to get into a regular Yeshiva nowadays. This reminds me of a Moshol from the C.C. -A kid was selling apples in the street. A thief came along and started grabbing apples, so the boy started crying. An adult there said stop crying and grab what you can for yourself. I think the CC uses this by -if s/o is at the end of Shmoneh Esray and didn’t have Kavanah till then, you should at least have Kavanah for the last part. But it could be applied to many things.

So what do you think is better to hang out in the streets or go to a MO yeshiva?