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WolfishMusings;(In your answer to Musser Zoger.) His (MZ) quote is correct. The attribution is wrong. I distinctly remember one of the posters brought up this point about the double ring ceremony. But it wasn’t you.

Sam2 (In your answer to Shmoel. (Paraphrasing)…If the Sofer is “Kosher” and the Eidim (Witnesses) are “Kosher”, the “Get”, even by a Reform or Conservative Bais Din is OK…:! I’m not so certain about that being the case. Due to the fact that the R and C don’t follow Halachic procedure with other, peripheral Halachos of a “Get”. For example, They might not be very meticulous in describing the proper, given and nicknames of the protagonists. Or, description of the exact Geographic location where the “Get” was issued. Surprisingly. There are many complex Halachos involving the Two items enumerated.