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Ok. First of all, when I dated I wore cologne, I still do these days on Shabbos and Yom Tov. There is no Issur that i’m aware of for a guy to wear cologne. Actually it’s referred to in Halacha that men did wear some sort of cologne for Shabbos and it is obviously acceptable.

First point i’d like to make is for men and woman. Cologne is not something you douse yourself with. Wearing perfume correctly is an art. Especially since most people haven’t mastered it.

If as a woman you feel you cannot manage to wear it without sharing with the whole shul or Daled Amos, then if you will be around other men you should avoid wearing perfume.

If however you can apply “some” perfume properly, get some (a little amount)on your finger tips and applying it lightly to pulse areas, like wrists, base of ones neck, behind earlobes etc.. then, you can wash your hands removing any lingering scent.

Only “You” would notice it or anyone who leaned in close enough for a kiss like your mother. That wouldn’t be Assur.

For a girl on a date though, i would suggest

1) Applying the perfume at least a half hour before,

(not as you leave)

2) Not to apply perfume to open areas like neck or behind ears.

but to places that would be covered by clothing like creases of ones elbows etc.. That is enough to allow those who enjoy wearing it to continue to do so and smell nice while not attracting the guys attention.

I made a distinction for girls dating, since the girl usually enters the guys car and it’s a small enclosed area, so even applying very little perfume to any open areas will be notice. Even more so if there is any a/c or heat running.

If you are not on a date but the same principles would apply, say for instance your going to get a ride with your friends husband to a Chassuna even if friend is with you.

Makes scents, no?