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We realized after ordering our fridge that there were many issues with electronic parts that could be activated on shabbos. We called our rav who advised to hold off on delivery, as it seems problematic. The fridge we ordered has an alarm that sounds after 3 minutes if the door is ajar (can easily happen if a pan is too big or if a kid leaves a door open). It also has sensors which monitor how long a door is left open and adjusts the temperature to keep items cold. Oy.

I actually read really good things about Samsung, including that it is the top rated brand (refrigerators) for the last 6 years.

The brand we chose is the worst rated by customers (who knew?).

We were told to shop in a frum store, only to discover online, that they carry the exact brand/similar model (same features) as the one we ordered (huh?). So, back to square one.

The velcro idea is a good one. Does anyone have a fairly new fridge that they’re happy with that does not present any issues??