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msseeker, although it is very difficult and heartbreaking to believe this is true, it is true. There was recently a story of a Menahel in Brooklyn who escaped to E”Y with his sons because he and his sons were molesting his own daughters.

I am currently helping a victim who was not only molested as a young child by her own grandfather and father, but grew up to be a victim in her adult life as well.

msseeker, until you are willing to roll up your sleeves and get yourself involved in the parsha by either just listening to understand the victim/survivors or actually doing something to help them, you really won’t truly understand it or even fully be able to believe it completely because it is so unfathomable that this is actually happening or someone should bring themselves down to such a low madreigah and do such a vile act. But once you speak to victims and see the pain that they carry and see how their lives have been altered, there is no turning back. There is no way you can be silent and not do whatever is in your power to protect and defend.

I am pretty close to a Rav in this neighborhood and when I started the organization if founded years ago to combat this, I called him in to join and we were talking about going to the police. He told me his hands were tied by the Agudah. He said his own nephew was molested and he went to HIS rav for help. He said his own hands were tied behind his back and he cried bitter tears. He was told he could do nothing about it and he should remain quiet. This is a prominent Rav in MY neighborhood who has a huge following, he works with teens. He said to me, “can you imagine how helpless I felt? I couldn’t even advocate for and help my own nephew?” He had raglayim l’davar. There was no doubt in his mind that his nephew was telling the truth. He saw the transformation in him, he knew who the perpetrator was and yet he was silenced.

I still consider this Rav my friend, I still hold him in high esteem and high regard. But what do you think this little lesson taught me?