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Hi zahavasdad.

What do you mean by mixed? Which communities are not mixed, and is that an advantage? I am interested in knowing.

There are numerous homogenous groups living, davening, learning side by side and together in Lakewood, which other communities lack.

While I dont know all the goings on of each part of Lakewood, there are shuls/communities that are Litvish, Chassidic, a combo of Litvish and Chassidic, so-called Modern Orthodox (where one should not be surprised to find more black hats than anything) – although I dont want to detract from those who work and start their day with Daf Yomi at 5am, a host of Ashkenaz, Sphard… as well as a Yemeni shul, the BMG……etc..etc…etc. They are separate communities, yet together. It is awesome!!