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And most days, I don’t wear a suit. And most evenings, I don’t shave. And I don’t usually shower in the afternoon either.

Maybe I should just show up like I usually look at 7:00 PM, since that is me.

Going further, most nights, I don’t go to a lounge in Manhattan, I go to the yeshiva dining room. So I’ll take her there.

And most nights, I don’t pick up a girl at all. So I won’t go to her house.

I want to be me. So tell the girl she can come to yeshiva and eat supper across the table from me. Unless it is turkey legs- then I’m going for pizza. But my chavrusa is coming, I hope that’s ok?

And I can stay out 10 minutes into night seder, but any later than that and my chavrusah gets cranky. (You can date him instead, but then he will need to be at night seder 10 minutes early.)