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I don’t know where you live. If you are here in the states, you should go to the court and get an Order of Protection against your Husband to protect yourself and your children from harm. That is the first step. When your hubby sees that you are serious he will have to take it seriously as well and either give up on having a family or do whatever is necessary to keep you. That means he will either agree to go for therapy on his own or be court ordered into therapy. In the mean time he will be removed from the home and you can establish some peace there. You told us that you recently had a baby and had post-partum depression. It is really important that you protect your children especially the infant who is helpless and that YOU yourself get therapy and support that you desperately need at this very difficult time.

Unfortunately, due this terrible abuse you are really not capable of making appropriate decisions for yourself and your kids and because you want things to be normal you wish them to be so and believe them to be at quiet times. Otherwise you would not have brought another innocent neshoma into thies horrific environment. Each day that you don’t do something positive to protect your children you are subjecting them to YOUR life in the future. You are almost promising them this same marriage for them in the future because they won’t know that they deserve better.

Please understand that you DON’T deserve this, no one does. YOU are not RESPONSIBLE for your husband’s illness nor actions. He and he alone is responsible and accountable and it is HE who must step up to the plate and do whatever is necessary to make it better. If he chooses not to, then you must make the very difficult decision to remove yourself and your children from harm. The easiest way to do that is to remove him from the home.