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“Why does smoking bother people so much?

It seems to make people angry that others smoke.

Why do you think that is? “

Do you REALLY need to ask? It bothers us because 1) IT STINKS

2) it pollutes the air that I have to breathe, so even if a smoker does not care about what he is breathing, I DO 3) it makes people sick from breathing in second-hand smoke, and babies and young children have a measurably higher incidence of serious upper respiratory infections, when in the home with a smoker 4) it causes SEVERAL different types of cancer, emphysema, exacerbates asthma, and stains the teeth and nails, the nasty stench clings to the clothing of anyone unlucky enough to be nearby… I could go on and on. The most important thing is that smokers, like public cell phone users, tend to be incredibly self-absorbed, selfish, and oblivious and uncaring of the people around them. They will light up, and expect everyone else to adjust to their nasty habit. If they would smoke in a self-contained bubble, I wouldn’t care if they smoked their guts out. But since we share the same space, and it endangers mine and makes it unpleasant to be in that same space, I have a serious objection to it. Yes, it makes me VERY angry. BTW, I don;t want them to die, either.