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first of all, why do people still smoke? for the same reason everyone does aveiros- what you dont SEE as affecting you in a bad, possibly deadly, way, but on the outside it is enjoyable, you won’t be able to stop, even if someone who you know is smarter or more experienced than you and they tell you to stop. im not giving excuses to smokers- i think its a horrible habit, im just saying, aren’t you sortve doing the same thing whenever you do an aveira? and if you say it doesn’t affect those around you- it does, every aveira affects the whole world

second of all, for those of you saying that us non-smokers are jealous- that’s a little sickening to even think that, im sorry

and lastly, for those of you who said that rebbeim should do a little more to stop smoking among yeshiva bochurim, i had a rebbe in elementary school who was very passionate about it and didnt try to hide anything about the dangers- i personally think he had a major affect on all of us in his class and another rebbe that i am very close with, if he sees bochurim, even if he doesnt know who they are, he goes over to them and tries to convince them to stop, in a VERY nice way, and even though this doesn’t bring a rayah to all yeshivas, you should know that there are those out there who do care