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Daas Yochid-As morah mom wrote many schools require teachers to be present at parent events we are talking about one or two sundays so an entire class parent body doesn’t loose out. Most women are working solely for Yeshiva tuition it would be nice if the yeshiva would be more understanding, that parents could have some extra yiddishe nachas without a bad taste. When they make a ladies tea or chinese auction and want OUR money they would never in a million years schedule it for the day time. Yet, as a parent you have to show appreciation and achrayus to your childs school so you make it your business and go after a long days work, and you give to the school bisimcha whatever you can afford because it is the right thing to do. This is one time that a school could be accommodating on their free time.

EYMom: Please see Morah mom who succinctly talks about the new reality.Iam sorry but taking work home does not wash. Many people with the same salary structure take much more work home then marking tests and have to make free time off of business hours to speak to clients. I do agree that to be a teacher you have have a very good Neshoma but plenty of people in caring professions Doctors Social workers Lawyers(yes lawyers can become heavily involved in client welfare) Psychologists Rabbanim all care about people and do not have as much time off. That being said I do Fargin the teachers if they have so much time off gezunteheit.