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Popa, there are heterim, for example, if she sings through a micrrophone. Obviously the Army Rabbinate was consulted and it was decided that there is a need which justifies relying on kulot.

Who are you fooling? Yourself?

And since it is therefore a ??? ???, and also it is a davar sh’bervah, it is probably ???? ??? ?????.

Look, I know you’ve invested emotion in this, but you need to face the facts: The secular leadership hates torah, and wants us to not be frum.

What about the fact that you are mevatel an asseh (Rambam Hilchot Melachim 5:1 AND 6:4)? As we all know, an asseh is doche a lo taaseh (if kol isha is d’oraita, which is not clear). Not to mention the fact that the Chofetz Chaim encouraged young Jewish men to join Goyish armies – and asked those who planned to dodge the draft what they would do when we have our owm state and army -even though they would have to do many more issurim.

Let’s see, you wrote 84 words, when all you meant to say was that you are an ?? ????, which is only 5 words!(“I am an ?? ????”=five words.) What a waste of typing!

But, since you apparently only know the rambam’s about fighting wars, I don’t understand how you missed Melachim 6:13 which only allows 4 specific issurim to be broken in a war camp, and only while actually going to or returning from war (not while at social functions), and all 4 are derabanan, as the kessef mishna notes that they could not permit d’oraisah’s.

However, I think I now understand your mindset here. R’ Akiva said that when he was an ?? ????, he hated the chachomim so much that he wanted to bite them like a donkey bites (donkeys break bones, he explained). That is why you hate the gedolim. It is quite understandable.