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Avi K -“Health,

1. An individual soldier will not hear the same singer “all of the time”. He will not even hear singers all of the time. Only here and there when his unit is sent to the ceremony. There is about as much chance of him deloping a friendship with her as there is of someone developing a friendship with one of the Republican contenders by going to a debate.”

What Sheker! If you said this about the Chief Rabbi -I’d probably agree. But a soldier?? He will never see her in the army camp or training somewhere -yea right?! It’s a good possibility he will.

“2. Only rabbanim associated with microscopic groups like the Eida HaChareidit and NK (if they are considered a Jewish group and not a breakaway, heretical sect) assur voting. All of the rest hold that it is a mitzva. Some even support specific parties.”

Wrong again. The Brisker Rov was against it. Go back to sleep!

“3. How is it easier to be frum in America? Everything is according to the Goyish calendar. To get off for Shabbat or Yom Tov you have to put in a special request. You can’t even write the Jewish date on a check. There are no mitzvot taluyot baAretz. Ramban, in fact, states that there are only mitzvot in Tumaland in order to practice for Eretz Yisrael.”

I wasn’t talking about convenience; I was talking about being brainwashed with Heretic philosophies like you are!