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“The problem with that line of reasoning is that you are biased, and its nearly impossible to make an unbiased decision for yourself. Secondly, your reasonings may be influenced by non torah concepts.”

That is true, which is why one should never make big decisions without thoroughly taking everything into account from all angles, as well as consult an outside, unbiased source. I was just referring to trivial matters, which one should be able to think out for themselves. And about non torah concepts, of course, if they are ANTI-torah concepts, it would be problematic, but not all concepts and influences of our societies are anti-torah, and that can be seen by anyone that lives in our society. So yes, it is great to have a mentor/ Rabbi as a guide, but not to control your life in every trivial matter.

“AGREED. Which is why we have Chassidish, Litvish, MO, Mizrachi, etc….”

Yes, and no. It is good that we have different types of Jews that one can “fit in” with, but at the same time, many people don’t fit in to these categories according to the stereotypes that people have unfortunately given to them. But once we have these categories, and it is clear that there is no one correct path for everyone, it should ALSO be clear that it is foolish to call out another type of Jew on something that they do, because though you think you are right, you should realize that they are also right, for themselves, and they are reaching their potential in the best way for them.