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bp27 and yitayningwut –

OK, noted (and I apologize, for shooting 1st, asking questions later).

But you cannot deny the general tone that many bochurim have (I could have gone further, had I not been “distracted” by my family responsibilities” ect)

Fact is, your job (at the age of 20-something) is to be a family man. So please don’t bemoan your lost opportunity. You did not “lose” anything.. you are doing what you are meant to do!

There is a vort said on Pirke Avos, 2:5 <sorry, don’t remember who said it> ” When I have time, I will learn”.

A yungerman was upset that he does not have the time to focus on learning like he used to in his single days. The reply he got was, “perhaps your avodah is to be a “loh tiponeh” person (someone who is always on the go), and despite your tough scedule, you still squeeze in as much learning as you can.

But again, sorry. I should not have jumped.