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yungerman1, correct, he did not say whether we should or shouldn’t. He just clearly held the decision wasn’t silly, stupid or rash. He is just holding cup in the issue, and it’s no worse than consulting a likut sefer.

But HaRav HaGaon Isaac Kahn SHLIT”A is one of the leading poskim of the dor and you can really rely on him in these matters. To that you cannot have a ta’ana. He’s one of the biggest poskim in the BD”Z in noshim and niddah (hence, the doula and midwife went to talk with him).

Why are you nitpicking? If you noticed, I placed Rav Kahn before Rabbi Baum. Have you asked YOUR Competent Orthodox Authority, or are you guessing? And I want to hear from Rabbonim who are holding cup in the issue.