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The article was the perspective of a 23 year old yeshiva bochur who was saying how people shouldn’t judge bochurim in Israel drinking friday night, kiddush, or weddings. He said it’s an outlet and they stop as soon as they get married. “

No, they do not. If one needs to drink for an outlet, then there is already a dependency. Better to be dependent on something healthier. In the past I have seen guys running out of shul in the middle of the leining, in order to attend their “kiddush club,” which IMO is the single worst thing any shul could allow on its premises. the disrespect to the Torah, to the Midash Me-at, to the Rov, makes me cringe. Bochurim should have other outlets available besides liquor an/or cigarettes (another problem of epic proportions). The only saving grace in E”Y, at least in the case of the Chutz L’Aretz bochurim, is that they probably are not driving anywhere.