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I can only offer a little perspective I have come across working with teens in the public schools.

Goyish teenagers are distraught, confused, bored, etc..etc… In fact, they have a high rate of, chas veshalom, running away from home, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, getting involved with criminal activities, fighting, and random exploitation of hedonistic activities that do not lead to fulfillment. In many cases, it leads them to depression or a rehab or counseling.

The percentage of non-Jewish teens involved with such activities is VERY high. The rehabs, courts, etc, are flooded with such cases.

A frum teen should not think their age-related confusion is because they are frum. Being frum is a safety valve from going through the school of hard-knocks and learning things the hard way, like the situations I mentioned.

Frum teens should do a reality check and realize that what they think is the answer, is not. There are countless, countless teens free to live a life we would call OTD, and that life is very difficult for them.

Do not abandon building your Olam Haba thinking the grass in greener on the “goyish” side. Think about the problems going on with the kids in any public high school, and avoid making a foolish, or chas veshalom, painful mistake.

Hang in there, and Hatzlacha!